Specialization in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

A management specialization in Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides a diverse set of options for students to hone their entrepreneurial skills.

4.0 credit units are required for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation specialization.

1 credit unit of the foundation courses in Entrepreneurship & Innovation:
MGMT 230  – Entrepreneurship (0.5 cu) and either MGMT 212  (Social Entrepreneurship – 0.5 cu) or MGMT 267 (Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation – 0.5 cu).

Note: M&T students, and only M&T students, may use MGMT 237 (1.0 cu) to fulfill this requirement in place of MGMT 230 (0.5 cu) + MGMT 267 (0.5 cu).

3 credit units of:
MGMT 212 Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT 213 Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
MGMT 214 Technology & Innovation Strategy
MGMT 229 Intellectual Property Strategy
MGMT 231 Venture Implementation
MGMT 233 Strategies & Practices of Family-Controlled Companies
MGMT 237 Management of Technology (M & T students only)
MGMT 249 Mergers and Acquisitions
MGMT 251 Consulting to Growth Companies
MGMT 264 Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Management
MGMT 265 Culture of Technology
MGMT 267 Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation
MGMT 291 Negotiations
FNCE 250 Venture Capital & the Finance of Innovation
FNCE 251 Finance of Buyouts & Acquisitions
HCMG 391 Health Care Entrepreneurship
LGST 213 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
MKTG 221 New Product Management*
MKTG 227 Marketing & Electronic Commerce
MKTG 234 Creativity
MKTG 241  Entrepreneurial Marketing
MKTG 262 New Product Development*
OIDD 236 Scaling Operations in Tech Ventures
OIDD 314 Enabling Technologies
OIDD 415 Product Design
REAL 396 Real Estate Entrepreneurship


*Either MKTG 221 New Product Management or MKTG 262 New Product Development may count towards the specialization but not both.

Students may petition to substitute other courses toward the requirements of the specialization. Such requests will be expected to demonstrate that the student is pursuing a coherent plan of entrepreneurship and innovation studies at Wharton. Petitions should be sent in writing to Adrian Tschoegl or Allison Elias – 2013 SH-DH (215-898-1149).

For course days/times, see the course timetable on the Penn Registrar’s website

For additional information on resources available to undergraduates interested in entrepreneurship see the Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship website.