Undergraduate Program

The Management Department offers coursework and concentrations that develop the knowledge and expertise to manage complex, established enterprises or to guide start-up enterprises in their formative years. Content encompasses strategic and entrepreneurial management, the management of people and organizations across national and cultural borders, and the management of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as well as environment, social, and governance (ESG) challenges. Our offerings provide a solid foundation for initial placements in firms of all types and signal your future managerial interests to employers in all sectors.

The general Management concentration provides breadth by offering students the flexibility to choose courses from across the department’s content offerings. Specializations within the general concentration – Multinational Management, Organizational Effectiveness, and Strategic Management – provide depth in one key domain of management. You may find this concentration particularly attractive if you are seeking an initial placement in consulting or in a large multinational firm, and if you wish to develop your managerial skills through deeper understanding of human behavior and relationships within and across organizations.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion concentration draws from courses in Management and other Wharton departments, including Legal Studies & Business Ethics and Business, Economics & Public Policy. By investigating how social, psychological, and economic factors affect the performance of individuals, groups, and firms, the DEI concentration prepares students to face the challenges involved in creating and maintaining organizations that are diverse, inclusive, and rooted in equity. As organizations attempt to harness the contributions of many stakeholders, students who pursue the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion concentration will not only be well prepared for DEI-focused careers, they will also be prepared to be leaders of change in any organizational role.

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation concentration spans a wide range of coursework across Wharton. Concentrators interested in either startups or in developing new businesses within established firms can customize their program with applied coursework from Finance, Health Care Management, Legal Studies & Business Ethics, Management, Marketing, Operations Information & Decisions, and Real Estate. While you may find this concentration particularly attractive if you have immediate or future plans to start your own company, this toolkit will also be useful for inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset in any organization.

The Environmental, Social and Governance Factors for Business concentration is offered jointly with the departments of Legal Studies & Business Ethics and Economics & Public Policy. This concentration provides in-depth foundations for those interested in the complex relationships between business and the natural environment and business and society more broadly. There is a strong need for a new generation of expert business leaders who understand the rapidly evolving trends in business models, technology, regulation, and financing with implications for the environment and society as a whole. Students choosing the ESGB concentration are therefore ideally suited for the ever-expanding set of careers in many fields.

Undergraduate Advisor
(for current Wharton Students only; prospective students should contact the Admissions office)
Sara Jane McCaffrey, Lecturer and Department Advisor: mcsa@wharton.upenn.edu
Telephone: 215-898-1149

For admissions and additional information visit the Wharton Undergraduate website.

For information on types of careers Wharton undergraduates have pursued following graduation, consult the Penn Career Services website.

For course planning, see the Management Department’s Course Schedule and learn more by reviewing Course Descriptions (with links to syllabi) and Course Preview Videos. For additional course information email Management Course Helpdesk.

Effective Spring 2023, the Non-MBA Registration Authorization Request form is no longer being used. To add a Wharton graduate-level course, non-MBA students must submit requests to the Management Course Helpdesk, to evaluate the request and issue permit via Path@Penn.  Please do not contact the faculty.