Management 1010 Enrollment Policy

Pre-registration and Enrollment Information

This information details frequently asked questions regarding enrollment policies for MGMT1010 – Introduction to Management. Please carefully read the information provided to ensure your understanding of registration issues for the class. If you still have registration questions, these should be sent, along with your Penn ID number, to (not to your professor, the Department Chair, or any other email).

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a rising senior or junior who is interested in enrolling in the class. What should I do?

Any rising senior still requiring MGMT1010 should request it as first priority during pre-registration. One week before the semester starts, restrictions on senior enrollment will be removed so that seniors will have the chance to enroll in any newly-vacated seats.

Rising juniors should seek to register for MGMT1010 during junior year, as it will be more difficult to enroll subsequently as seniors.

I am interested in switching recitations. Or, the recitation I want to enroll in is full. What should I do?

When the course is full, dropping a recitation section to add a different one is risky. Please note that if the desired seat in a particular recitation fills before a student requests it and after the student has dropped the former seat, we are not responsible for this and we are unable to offer assistance. As such, this information is being provided to students here to plan accordingly.

In the past when this situation has occurred due to students’ choosing to disregard the risk involved of switching recitations, we are forced to tell the student to revert to checking Path@Penn for new openings, even if an advisor recommended the change in the first place.

Finally, if the desired recitation is full, students will still need to use Path@Penn to try to secure a seat.
Please note, the Department does not switch lectures or recitations for students.

I am interested in enrolling in the class but see that a permit is required. What should I do?

If you are a student from the College who is interested in enrolling in the class, please check Path@Penn closer to the start of the semester. Approximately one week before the semester begins, restrictions on the course will lift and assuming there are seats available, you will be able to register via Path@Penn.

I am interested in enrolling in the class but will need to leave lecture early due to a schedule conflict with another course. What should I do?

While it is understandable that classes may, at times, conflict with one another, there are no permits available for such situations and the registration system will not permit you to enroll in the class if schedule conflicts are present. Further, it is important that you attend each lecture in full as repeatedly missing information presented will create learning conflicts. It is therefore advisable that you plan to enroll in the class during a different semester and that you meet with your advisor to discuss fitting everything in.