MBA Multinational Management

The purpose of the Multinational Management major is to prepare MBAs for consulting, financial, managerial, and entrepreneurial positions in which a sophisticated understanding of international opportunities, the multinational firm, the international competitive environment, and the cross-national political and social aspects of business is required. The major consists of courses on multinational management complemented by functional electives in the areas of finance, marketing, accounting, legal studies, public policy, real estate or healthcare management.

Requirements for the Major

The Multinational Management major requires four credit units beyond the required Wharton core. MGMT classes in the required Wharton core are non-waivable and include MGMT 610 (Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership, 0.5 cu) as well as your choice of MGMT 611 (Managing the Established Enterprise) or MGMT 612 (Managing the Emerging Enterprise) or MGMT 613 (Managing the Established Enterprise, WEMBA only). All credit units for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

  • At least 1.5 cu of Multinational Management elective. The semester or quarter in which each class will tentatively be offered during the 2021-2022 academic year is shown in parentheses for planning purposes. Please consult the MBA course schedule to confirm:
    • MGMT 715 – Political Environment of the Multinational Firm (0.5 cu)*
    • MGMT 720 – Corporate Diplomacy* (Spring)
    • MGMT 817x – Global Growth of Emerging Firms** (not offered in 2021-2022)
    • MGMT 871 – Advanced Global Strategy (0.5 cu, Fall Q2)

*Only one of MGMT 715 and MGMT 720 may be taken.
**In years when 715, 720, or 817 are not offered, an international course from the list below may be substituted for 0.5 of the 1.5 credits required multinational management elective units. Please email the advisor for approval of the substitution.

  • Remaining credit units from any other international courses at Wharton are applied to the major. New course offerings, changes in offerings, and changes in content make it impossible to provide a comprehensive list of approved courses. Below is a partial list. Other globally oriented courses may be applied toward the major with departmental approval. Students should submit the proposed course’s syllabus to the advisor for review.
    • ACCT 730 – International Accounting and Financial Reporting
    • BEPP 788 – International Industries Development Strategy
    • BEPP 789 – Nations, Politics, and Markets
    • BEPP 798 – Privatization: An International Perspective
    • FNCE 731 – Global Valuation and Risk Analysis
    • FNCE 732 – International Banking
    • HCMG 859 – Comparative Health Care Systems
    • HCMG 868 – Private Sector Development in Global Health (0.5 cu)
    • HCMG 890 – Health Care Innovation in India
    • LGST 802 – Global Corporate Law and Management
    • LGST 820 – International Ethics
    • LGST 830 –  Social Impact and Responsibility
    • MGMT 788 – Managing and Competing in China
    • MGMT 809 – Private Equity in Emerging Markets (0.5 cu)
    • MKTG 789 – International Marketing
    • OIDD 673 – Global Supply Chain Management (0.5 cu)
    • REAL 705 – Global Real Estate
    • REAL 821 – Real Estate Development
    • REAL 890 – International Real Estate Comparisons (0.5 cu)
    • Global Modular Courses and Global Virtual Courses

Students who wish to have other globally oriented courses applied to the Multinational Management major may submit the proposed courses’ syllabus to the advisor for review.

Advisor: Sara Jane McCaffrey  (for current Wharton Students only, Prospective students should contact the Admissions office)
Telephone: 215.898.1149

For additional information or to apply visit the MBA website.