MBA Program

The Management major develops students’ knowledge and expertise to manage complex, established enterprises or guide start-up enterprises in their formative years. The department encompasses strategic and entrepreneurial management, as well as the management of people and organizations across national and cultural borders. It offers a general major in Management, as well as focused majors in Entrepreneurial Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Multinational Management, and Strategic Management. Majors in Entrepreneurial Management, Strategic Management, and Multinational Management can count some courses outside the department toward their major requirements. The general Management major provides the flexibility of choosing courses across different areas of interest within the department.

Students pursuing more than one of the Management Department majors (general Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Organizational Effectiveness, Multinational Management, Strategic Management) will need to designate one as the major that will appear on their transcript.

Majors are available in the following fields:

Please note: only one Pass/Fail credit unit may be used to fulfill the requirements of any management major.

To apply or for additional information visit the MBA website .