MBA Program

The Management Department offers five MBA majors that develop the knowledge and expertise to manage complex, established enterprises or guide start-up enterprises in their formative years. Content encompasses strategic and entrepreneurial management, as well as the management of people and organizations across national and cultural borders. Four specialized majors – Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Organizational Effectiveness, Multinational Management, and Strategic Management – provide depth in one key domain of management, while the general major of Management provides breadth by offering the flexibility of choosing courses across these domains. Each major requires four credit units of coursework beyond the required Wharton core; the majors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Multinational Management, and Strategic Management allow some course options outside the Management Department to count toward this requirement. Pass/Fail credits may not be applied to management majors. Students may double major across the four specialized management majors, but cannot do so by combining the general Management major with a specialized management major.

Detailed information about each major:

To apply, or for additional information, visit the Wharton MBA website .