Q&A For PhD Students

Q: Where do I submit my Social Security Card number?
A: Both the Payroll Office and Kyle Jordan require copies of your Social Security Card so that your paychecks and student records/transcripts are processed appropriately.

Q: Where and when do I pick up my paycheck?
A: All University payroll checks are deposited directly into your bank account. If you do not have a bank account, a “Pay Card” will be issued to you. Jack Collins can provide additional information.

Q: Who will answer my questions about taxes?
A: All tax questions should be directed to the Corporate Tax Office located on the third floor of the Franklin Building. Their telephone # is 215.898.1543.

Q: What if I have any cubicle, telephone, or environment issues?
A: Any of these types of problems should be reported to the front desk person.

Q: What is the Ph.D. Book Allowance?
A: This is a grant given to doctoral students for the first five semesters of the program. It is $300/semester and is intended to be used for materials related to your doctoral studies:

  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Memberships to professional organizations
  • Photocopying expenses
  • Course-related purchases from Wharton Reprographics
  • Course-related textbook orders should be placed by Victoria Reinhardt
  • Course-related textbooks purchased from Penn Bookstore

Q: What do I do if I exhaust my photocopy allowance?
A: You may submit a check to Maryann Abraham, payable to the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania and request additional copies. The current cost per copy is 5 cents.

Q: How are my tuition and healthcare bills paid?
A: The department will cover tuition, technology and general fees, and single healthcare coverage. All tuition and healthcare bills should be given to Kyle Jordan. The department is not responsible for personal charges (e.g., telephone or dining charges). Late fees will only be removed if all personal charges have been paid in full (effective immediately).

Q: How many courses should I take per semester?
A: Most students take between 3-4 courses. This is necessary for you to be recognized as a “full-time student.” Failure to comply may cause an interruption in your University privileges (e.g., library, gymnasiums, dining halls, etc.).

Q: May I receive credit for previous course work?
A: Students with prior graduate level coursework may waive up to eight credit units by university policy. Waiver credit will be applied once the student has satisfied the management department course requirements.

Q: May I receive feedback on my performance?
A: Each year the doctoral coordinator will meet with you in June to review your progress, which is detailed in an evaluation letter. Students who have not yet completed a dissertation proposal will also meet informally with the doctoral coordinator in January.

Q: What is the required duration for dissertation defenses?
A: Defenses must be scheduled for two full hours to accommodate questions.

Q: Do I have access to a fax machine?
A: Doctoral students may receive faxes via the departmental fax machine at (215) 898-0401. However, doctoral students do not have faxing privileges to send…you may see Kyle Jordan to have him send an occasional fax on your behalf.

Q: How is mail processed?
A: There are several mail bins on the shelves adjacent to the departmental mailboxes. You should include postage on any personal mail. Mail is collected and delivered to the department each working day. Upon receipt, your mail will be placed in your mailbox. Please note that the department cannot receive personal bulk mail. There are currently two stamp machines near campus: 2nd floor MBA Cafe in Huntsman Hall and on the ground floor of the Franklin Building. For other post office locations and information, log onto: http://www.usps.com/.

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