Management Concentration

Through Academic Year 2020-2021

To pursue a general concentration in Management, all students are required to take Management 101 (which is a prerequisite for all of the subject area core courses listed below), as well as an additional 4.0 credit units of Management courses. Of the 4.0 credit units, students must complete 2.0 credit units of core courses in at least two of the below subject areas (Multinational, Strategic, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Organizational Effectiveness). In addition, students should take an additional 2.0 credit units of electives from Management course offerings. These elective courses can be chosen from the full set of Management offerings, including from other subject area core courses not yet completed. (Students may use core courses for elective credit, but may not double-count the same course for both core and elective credit). In sum, students must use different courses to fulfill the 2.0 credit units of core from two subject areas and the 2.0 credit units of additional electives.

A Thesis conducted under the supervision of a Management faculty member counts as an elective under the general concentration, and under a specialized concentration if the faculty member is from the group that teaches the regular courses in the concentration.

The Management subject area core courses are:

  • Multinational Management – MGMT 111 (1 cu)
  • Strategic Management – MGMT 223 (1 cu)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation – MGMT 230 (0.5 cu) and¬†either MGMT 212 (0.5 cu) or MGMT 267 (0.5 cu)
  • Organizational Effectiveness* – MGMT 238 (1 cu), MGMT 224 (0.5 cu), MGMT 272 (0.5 cu), MGMT 243 (0.5 cu), MGMT 248 (0.5 cu)

    *MGMT 104 (1 cu), which is no longer offered, counts as a subject area course for students who have already taken it.