Management Concentration

To pursue a specialization in Management, students will take Management 101 and complete credits in at least two of the below subject areas (totaling 2 credit units) to ensure a solid foundation in management. Management 101 is a prerequisite for all of these subject area courses (noted below). To fulfill the specialization in Management, an additional two credit units of Management courses must be taken. These courses can be chosen from the full set of Management offerings. A field application project (FAP) and/or an independent study project if sponsored by a Management faculty member can count toward the fulfillment of the Management concentration.

The Management subject area courses are:

  • Human Resource Management – MGMT 104 (1 cu)
  • Multinational Management – MGMT 111 (1 cu)
  • Strategic Management – MGMT 223 (1 cu)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation – MGMT 230 (0.5 cu) and¬†either MGMT 212 (0.5 cu) or MGMT 267 (0.5 cu)
  • Organizations – MGMT 238 (1 cu) or MGMT 224 (0.5 cu) and MGMT 272 (0.5 cu)