Photo of Tyler Wry

Tyler Wry

Assistant Professor of Management

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Professor Tyler Wry studies the mixing of multiple meaning systems within and around organizations.  Examples include social enterprises that mix social and financial aims, startups that mix elements of science and technology, and category spanning innovation by individual inventors. This type of cultural mixing exposes organizations to complex internal and external pressures which highlight limitations in existing theories of categories, entrepreneurial motivation, and organizational identity.  

Focusing broadly on these issues, Tyler’s work has appeared (or is scheduled to appear) in outlets such as the Academy of Management Annals, the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal of Business Venturing, and Organization Science.  Early stage work has also been recognized with best paper and early career achievement awards by the Academy of Management, the Academy of International Business, and the European Group for Organization Studies. In his spare time, Tyler is an exhausted dad who likes to play the occasional game of squash.