Photo of Emilie Feldman

Emilie Feldman

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: corporate strategy, firm scope, diversification, divestitures, spinoffs, corporate governance

Links: CV, Personal Website

  • Emilie Feldman, C. Montgomery (2013), Are Incentives without Expertise Sufficient? Evidence from Fortune 500 Firms, Strategic Management Journal    Abstract
  • Emilie Feldman (2013), Legacy Divestitures: Motives and Implications, Organization Science    Abstract
  • Emilie Feldman, S. Gilson, B. Villalonga (2013), Do Analysts Add Value When They Most Can? Evidence from Corporate Spinoffs, Strategic Management Journal    Abstract
  • Emilie Feldman (Working), Managerial Attention and Organizational Adjustment Costs in Diversified Firms.
  • Emilie Feldman, Raffi Amit, B. Villalonga (Working), Corporate Divestitures and Family Control.    Abstract
  • Emilie Feldman (Working), Legacy Spinoffs and Information Asymmetry in Diversified Firms.
  • Emilie Feldman (Working), Managerial Compensation and Incentive Alignment in Corporate Spinoffs.
  • Emilie Feldman (Working), Dual Directors and the Value of Board Interlocks Following Corporate Spinoffs.
  • Emilie Feldman (2006), A Basic Quantification of the Competitive Implications of the Demise of Arthur Andersen, Review of Industrial Organization, 29: 193-212.  Abstract