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Lori Rosenkopf

Simon and Midge Palley Professor

Professor of Management

Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Undergraduate Division

Research Interests: innovation diffusion, learning in interorganizational networks, technological and organizational evolution

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  • MGMT265 - Culture of Technology: Culture & Institutions of the Tech Sector--Bridging Research and Practice

    Academics, students and practitioners alike are fascinated by the culture of tech sector--its people, practices, and organization. In this course we explore this sector using a combination of academic research papers and practitioner involvement. Each class session will be devoted to discussion of a single research article, during which we will be joined via Telepresence technology by a Wharton alum from the tech sector whose expertise is relevant to the paper topic. Therefore, the learning objectives of this half-credit course are to: 1)Understand the managerial, organizational, and regional institutions that characterize the tech sector, with particular emphasis on the case of Silicon Valley 2)Bridge research and practice by critical analysis of academic research in conjunction with practitioner input 3) Forge connections with tech sector practitioners, particularly with our west coast alumni base. Registration is by application only; Penn In Touch requests will not be processed. Enrollment is limited. The link to the application form will be available on the Management Department's website:, beginning March 21, 2016 through midnight on April 3, 2016.

    Students will be granted permits to enroll after a review of the applications (no later than April 8). The deadline to apply is Sunday, April 3, 2016.

    MGMT265001  ( Syllabus