Photo of Lori Rosenkopf

Lori Rosenkopf

Simon and Midge Palley Professor

Professor of Management

Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Undergraduate Division

Research Interests: innovation diffusion, learning in interorganizational networks, technological and organizational evolution

Links: CV

  • A. Ghosh, Lori Rosenkopf (Under Review), Shrouded in structure: Challenges and opportunities for a friction-based view of network research.
  • A. Ghosh, Lori Rosenkopf (Under Review), It’s a small world? Identification challenges and implications for performance in interorganizational networks.
  • Thomas Klueter, Lori Rosenkopf (Under Review), Opening Up but Staying Local: Insights from Partnership Formations between Established and Startup Firms.
  • A. Markus, Lori Rosenkopf (Working), Tapping into industry and academia: Inbound mobility, R&D collaboration and substitution effects.
  • A. Ghosh, Lori Rosenkopf (Working), Small-world, big impact? Network capacity as a function of structure and friction.
  • G. Surie, Lori Rosenkopf (Working), Knowledge valorization: How new technology firms emerge and create markets for knowledge.
  • Nicole Rosenkranz, Lori Rosenkopf (Working), Alliance ambidexterity: When exploration and exploitation cross firm boundaries.
  • Lori Rosenkopf, A. Gupta (Working), All networks are not equal: Multiple sources of information transfer and their effects on alliance formation rates in the cellular industry.