Staying Engaged after Admit Day

Staying Engaged after Admit Day

If you’d like to stay in touch, and participate in additional events after Admit Day, we gladly welcome you to attend any/all of the following. These events are completely optional, so engage in as much or as little as you’d like. All times are EST.

Please let Prof. Tyler Wry ( know which sessions you’d like to attend: he will forward you the relevant Zoom link(s) and let the session leader(s) know to expect you.

Center for Teaching and Learning Workshop –  March,17, 12-1 pm
The Entrepreneurial Classroom: How to Keep Your Material Fresh
(Join professor Jax Kirtley for a discussion about how to keep course material fresh and engaging when using virtual formats)

Non-market salon – March 18, 7-9 pm
(Our regular social gathering oriented around the scholarly discussion of business and society issues, led by Professor Vit Henisz)

Research 2.0 – March 19, 12-2pm
(A seminar series geared toward PhD students that discusses the aspects of academic careers that you don’t learn in class (e.g., crafting a research identity; how to network at conferences; how to write a paper introduction; navigating co-author relationships))

Sit in on a PhD Seminar
(if you’d like to get a feel for the Wharton PhD classroom, please consider attending one or more of our PhD seminars! You are welcome to sit-in and observe, or participate directly in the scholarly discourse. Either way, expect lively and thought-provoking discussions)

Seminar in Research Methods – T 1:30-4:30
Professor Katherine Klein (

Pro-Seminar in Qualitative Methods (Part 1) – W 9:00-12:00
Professor Lindsey Cameron (

Seminar in Micro OB
– W 1:30-4:30
Professor Sigal Barsade (

Pro-Seminar: Technology and Innovation Strategy
– R 9:00-12:00
Professor Harbir Singh (

Seminar in Macro OB
– R 1:30-4:30
Professor Mae McDonnell (