MBA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Major

Beginning Academic Year 2023-2024

The DEI major requires four credit units beyond the required Wharton core. MGMT classes in the required Wharton core are non-waivable and include MGMT 6100 (Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership, 0.5 cu) as well as your choice of MGMT 6110 (Managing the Established Enterprise) or MGMT 6120 (Managing the Emerging Enterprise) or MGMT 6130 (Managing the Established Enterprise, WEMBA only). All credit units for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

At least 1.5 credit units must come from these foundational courses. The semester or quarter in which each class will tentatively be offered during the 2022-2023 academic year is shown in parentheses for planning purposes. Please consult the MBA course schedule to confirm:

  • BEPP 7650 Business Economics and Discrimination (spring)
  • LGST 6420 Big Data, Big Responsibilities (0.5 cu, fall)
  • MGMT 6240 Leading Diversity in Organizations (0.5 cu, fall Q2)
  • MGMT 7720 Power and Politics in Organizations (0.5 cu, fall Q1)
  • MGMT 7940 Understanding Careers (0.5 cu, spring Q4)

The remaining credit units may also be selected from these courses:

  • LGST 8080 Law at Work (not offered in 2022-23)
  • MGMT 6910 Negotiations (cross-listed with LGST 8060 and OIDD 6910, fall and spring)
  • MGMT 7730 Managing Organizational Change (0.5 cu, fall Q4)
  • MGMT 7860 Reforming Mass Incarceration and the Role of Business (0.5 cu, fall Q2)
  • MGMT 7930 People Analytics (0.5 cu, cross-listed with OIDD 7930, fall Q3)
  • MGMT 7990 Prison Education (0.5 cu, fall Q4)
  • OIDD 6900 Managerial Decision Making (fall and spring)
  • OIDD 6930 Influence (0.5 cu, spring)
  • With permission of Management Department faculty advisor, at most 1 cu total from a relevant Global Modular Course, Global Virtual Course, Advanced Study Program and/or Independent Study with significantly related content, or non-Wharton coursework focused broadly in the DEI space (e.g., anthropology, cultural/diaspora-related studies, gender, sexuality, and women’s studies, history, international relations, psychology, religious studies, sociology)

For inquiries, contact Sara Jane McCaffrey, Management Department Advisor and Lecturer.