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What Will Maduro’s Re-election Mean for Venezuela?

Following Venezuela’s presidential election on Sunday, experts say the country’s economic and humanitarian crises will only worsen unless key players like Russia and China work with the U.S. to find a solution.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2018/05/22
Network Synergy: A New Way to Value M&A

Research by Wharton’s Exequiel Hernandez shows that corporate alliances matter nearly as much as internal synergies in valuing M&A.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2018/05/22
Can Bundled Payments Help Control Health Care Costs?

Hospitals can cut medical bills and raise the quality of care by bundling up multiple services in one bill, notes new research by Penn medicine's Amol Navathe.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2018/05/21