Photo of Exequiel Hernandez

Exequiel Hernandez

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: firm internationalization, networks, knowledge management and organizational learning, competition

Links: CV, Personal Website

  • Exequiel Hernandez (2014), Finding a Home away from Home: Effects of Immigrants on Firms' Foreign Location Choice and Performance, Administrative Science Quarterly, 59 (1), 73 - 108.    Abstract
  • Anja Tuschke, Wm. Gerard Sanders, Exequiel Hernandez (2014), Whose Experience Matters in the Boardroom? The Effects of Experiential and Vicarious Learning on Emerging Market Entry, Strategic Management Journal, 35 (3), 398 - 418.    Abstract
  • Exequiel Hernandez, Wm. Gerard Sanders, Anja Tuschke (Under Revision), Pruning and Grafting the Network: Managing the Tension between Protecting and Exploiting Strategic Knowledge.  Abstract
  • Exequiel Hernandez, Anja Tuschke (Work In Progress), Rivalry on Multiple Fronts: The Effects of Domestic and Host Market Competition on New and Repeated Foreign Entry.  Abstract
  • Exequiel Hernandez, J. Myles Shaver (Work In Progress), Social Capital for Sale: M&As as Vehicles to Access and Compete for Network Position.
  • Exequiel Hernandez, Gurneeta Vasudeva, Akbar Zaheer (Draft), Dual Embeddedness: Networks and Institutional Boundary Spanning.  Abstract
  • Gurneeta Vasudeva, Akbar Zaheer, Exequiel Hernandez (2012), The Embeddedness of Networks: Institutions, Structural Holes, and Innovativeness in the Fuel Cell Industry, Organization Science, 24 (3), 643 - 663.    Abstract
  • Akbar Zaheer, Exequiel Hernandez (2011), The Geographic Scope of the MNC and its Alliance Portfolio: Resolving the Paradox of Distance, Global Strategy Journal, 1, 109 - 126.    Abstract
  • Akbar Zaheer, Exequiel Hernandez, Sanjay Barnerjee (2010), Prior Alliances with Targets and Acquisition Performance in Knowledge-Intensive Industries, Organization Science, 21, 1072 - 1091.    Abstract
  • "Capability Evolution and Governance in Alliance Portfolios: Evidence from the Emergent Fuel Cell Industry", Best Paper Proceedings, 2010 Academy of Management Meetings (with Gurneeta Vasudeva and Jaideep Anand)