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Tyler Wry

Assistant Professor of Management

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  • Tyler Wry, Michael Lounsbury, P.D. Jennings (2013), Hybrid vigor: Securing venture capital by spanning categories in nanotechnology, Academy of Management Journal
  • Tyler Wry, Adam Cobb, Howard E. Aldrich (2013), More than a metaphor: Assessing the historical legacy of resource dependence and its contemporary promise as a theory of environmental complexity, Academy of Management Annals, 7 (1), 439 - 486.  
  • Tyler Wry, Lounsbury, M. (2012), Contextualizing the categorical imperative: Category linkages, technology focus, and resource acquisition in nanotechnology entrepreneurship, Journal of Business Venturing, Special Issue on Institutions, Entrepreneurs, and Communities, forthcoming. – a previous version of this paper was published in the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2011.
  • Tyler Wry, M. Lounsbury, M. A. Glynn (2011), Legitimating new categories of organizations: Stories as distributed cultural entrepreneurship, Organization Science, 22: 339-463.
  • E. Zhao, Tyler Wry (2011), Misery loves microfinance – sometimes: A cross-sector logics perspective on global microfinance foundings, , Best International Paper and Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, OMT Division.
  • Tyler Wry (2010), To build or break away? Innovation within and across categories of nanotechnology development, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, OMT Division.
  • Tyler Wry (2009), Does business scholarship matter to society? Pursuing a normative agenda with institutional theory and critical realism, Journal of Business Ethics, 89: 151-171.