Photo of Lawton R. Burns

Lawton R. Burns

James Joo-Jin Kim Professor of Health Care Management

Department Chair

Research Interests: formal organizations, health care management, hospital-physician relationships, integrated health care, physician networks, physician practice management firms, strategic change, supply chain management

Links: CV, Personal Website

  • Guy David, Rich Lindrooth, Lorens Helmchen, Lawton R. Burns (Under Review), Do Hospitals Cross Subsidize?.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Lawton R. Burns, Michael Housman, Robert Booth, Aaron Koenig (2009), Implant Vendors and Hospitals: Competing Influences over Product Choice by Orthopedic Surgeons, Health Care Management Review, 34(1): 2-18, 2009.  Abstract
  • Lawton R. Burns, Michael Housman, Charles Robinson (2009), Market Entry And Exit By Biotech And Device Companies Funded By Venture Capital, Health Affairs, Web Exclusive. December 2, 2008. W76-86.  Abstract
  • Lawton R. Burns, Mark V. Pauly (2008), Price Transparency For Medical Devices, Health Affairs, 27(6): 1544-1553, 2008.  Abstract
  • Lawton R. Burns, Ralph W. Muller (2008), Hospital-Physician Collaboration: Landscape of Economic Integration and Impact on Clinical Integration, Milbank Quarterly, 86(3): 375 - 434, 2008.  Abstract