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Matthew Bidwell

Associate Professor of Management

Research Interests: careers, contingent work, firm boundaries, human resource management, knowledge workers

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  • MGMT611 - Managing Established Enterprises

    The management of large, established enterprises creates a range of multi-facet challenges for the general manager. A general manager needs to understand the internal workings of a firm, how to assess and create a strategy,an how to take into account increasing, globalization. While these issues are distinct, they are very much intertwined. As a result, this course will provide you with an integrated view of these challenges and show you that successful management in the 21st century requires a combination of insights drawn from economics, sociology, psychology and political economy.

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  • MGMT794 - Understanding Careers and Executive Labor Markets

    This course examines the structure of executive careers in order to help understand how those careers can be managed most effectively. A particular goal of the course is to build the knowledge necessary to develop a career path that aligns with personal values and with abilities. By drawing on extensive economic, sociological and psychological research on careers, we examine such questions as when executives should move on to the next job, or even change fields altogether, and what the most effective means are for finding jobs, achieving promotions, managing networks, and achieving work-life balance. We also examine the implications of these questions for how organizations should manage the careers of their employees.

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