Photo of Keith W Weigelt

Keith W Weigelt

Marks-Darivoff Family Professor

Professor of Management

Research Interests: compensation, corporate strategy, eastern thought, economics of sports, experimental economics, game theory, microfinancing

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  • MGMT291 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

    This course examines the art and science of negotiation, with additional emphasis on conflict resolution. Students will engage in a number of simulated negotiations ranging from simple one-issue transactions to multi-party joint ventures. Through these exercises and associated readings, students explore the basic theoretical models of bargaining and have an opportunity to test and improve their negotiation skills.

    LGST206411  ( Syllabus

    MGMT291411  ( Syllabus

  • MGMT653 - Field Application Project

    FAP is an experiential-based course where learning is done outside of the classroom. It is unique in its lack of a classroom setting all meetings take place in a professor's office in small teams of 4 to 6 students. Teams are faced withreal-time issues of outside organizations and work with faculty and host managers to construct innovative solutions. Solutions are integrative and cross-functional in nature. We encourage creative thinking giving students wide access towhat we call "area of expertise" faculty. Depending on the project scope we help students arrange meetings with professors who are experts in their field. Host organizations range from large multinational firms to start-ups. A significant percentage of the projects are with non-profits and organizations focused on social causes.

    Format: Teams (4-6 members) meet with faculty on a weekly basis (30-45 minutes). There are also 3-5 meetings with host managers. In addition to meeting with aFaculty Head, students are given access to "area of expertise" faculty. These faculty members are chosen based on their specific expertise. The final deliverable consists of an oral presentation and a written document.

    Requirements: Weekly team meetings with faculty project head and a final PowerPoint report and presentation.

    MGMT653001  ( Syllabus

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