Photo of Nancy Rothbard

Nancy Rothbard

David Pottruck Professor

Chair, Management Department

Research Interests: emotion and identity, work motivation and engagement, work-life and career development, organizational behavior

Links: CV

  • Nancy Rothbard, Steffanie L. Wilk (Working), In the eye of the beholder: The relationship between employee and supervisor perceptions of engagement and their effect on performance.
  • Lakshmi Ramarajan, Nancy Rothbard, Steffanie L. Wilk (Under Review), Discordant versus Harmonious Selves: The influence of multiple identities on perspective taking, interpersonal problem solving and work performance.
  • Erin Makarius, Nancy Rothbard, Steffanie L. Wilk (Working), More than one way to broker: Boundary management, network bridging, and performance.
  • Nancy Rothbard, Rachel Perl (Working), Multiple role engagement, affective experience, and wellbeing: An affective resource view of enrichment and depletion.
  • Nancy Rothbard, Justin Berg, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre (Working), OMG - My Boss Just Friended me: Boundary management and the role of Hierarchy, Disclosure, and Gender of Boss in online social networking.
  • Nancy Rothbard, Ena Inesi, Adam Galinsky, Victoria Medvec (Working), Task engagement and the self-affirmation motive.
  • David R Lebel, Nancy Rothbard, Katherine Klein, Steffanie L. Wilk, Gina Dokko (Working), The Way You Do the Things You Do: How Extraversion and Conscientiousness Shape the Consequences of Individual Innovation.
  • Julianna Pillemer, Nancy Rothbard (Under Review), Too Complex For Comfort?: The Dark Sides of Workplace Friendship..