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Daniel Raff

Associate Professor

Research Interests: business history and strategy

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  • MGMT714 - Value Creation and Value Capture in American Business History

    This course concerns the history of capitalism in America viewed from the perspective of the people who operated (and in some cases owned) the firms. Its focus is on the activities of value creation and value capture and on how evolving opportunities and selection pressures have conditioned the historic development of competition, strategic analysis and initiatives, organizational structures, merger-and-acquisition activity, entrepreneurship, and the like. Accounting and control are also part of the story: the course in fact considers issues arising in a variety of different management disciplines and shows off their interrelationships. The maintenance (or otherwise) of value capture over the cycle and over time is a running theme.

  • MGMT717 - Deals: The Economic Structure of Transacting and Contracting

    This course focuses on the role of professionals in creating value through transaction engineering. The overall goal of the course is to explain how private parties actually order their commercial interactions and to develop a relatively systematic theory of how they ought to do this. The first half of the course will be devoted to impediments to transacting including asymmetric information problems, difficulties intrinsic to contracting over time, enforceability, and various forms of strategic behavior and to a variety of possible responses rooted in decision theory, option theory, techniques for minimizing information problems, risk management, and incentive alignment. In the second half of the course, student teams will apply the tools developed in the first half to a series of real transactions. That part of the course will be described in a separate memo to be circulated once the roster of deals is fixed. Enrollment will be restricted this year to 48, of whom 24 will be second-year MBA students and 24 will be upper class Law students.