Photo of Daniel A Levinthal

Daniel A Levinthal

Reginald H. Jones Professor of Corporate Strategy

Research Interests: industry evolution, organizational learning, technological competition

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  • Alessandro Marino, Daniel A Levinthal (Working), Opening up the Black-box of Evolutionary Theories of Organization: Towards an Internal Ecology of Organizational Evolution.
  • Massimo Warglien, Michael D. Cohen, Daniel A Levinthal (Working), Collective Performance: Modeling the Interaction of Habit-based Actions.
  • H. Posen, Dirk Martignoni, Daniel A Levinthal (Working), Does Size Matter? Organizational Size and the Efficacy of Experiential Learning.
  • T. Knudsen, Daniel A Levinthal, Sidney G Winter (Work In Progress), Hidden but in Plain Sight: The Role of Scale Adjustment in Industry Dynamics.
  • Brian Wu, Wan Zhixi, Daniel A Levinthal (Working), Complementary Assets as Pipes and Prisms: Innovation Incentives and Trajectory Choice.  Abstract