Photo of Stephen J Kobrin

Stephen J Kobrin

William H. Wurster Professor of Multinational Management

Publisher and Executive Director, Wharton Digital Press™

Research Interests: global strategy, globalization, impact of the information revolution, international political economy

  • MGMT208 - Globalization and International Political Economy

    Globalization and International Political Economy is an upper level undergraduate course designed to provide the background necessary to understand globalization and the changes taking place in the international political-economy. The course objective is to help students develop a conceptual framework that will provide an understanding of the current international political-economic environment, provide a basis for thinking about the fundamental changes which are now taking place, and to build a solid foundation to which new material can be added throughout the students' careers.

    Format: Class discussions will be interactive and structured to encourage maximum student participation.

    Requirements: Take home mid-term exam, a final course paper of 10-15 pages and two shorter (1-2 page papers) dealing with the readings for the day. Students will not be allowed to enroll after the third class session.