Photo of Katherine Klein

Katherine Klein

Edward H. Bowman Professor

Professor of Management

Vice-Dean, Wharton Social Impact Initiative

Research Interests: employee stock ownership, innovation and technology implementation, leadership, diversity, teams, and social networks, multilevel organizational theory and research

Links: CV, Personal Website, Wharton Social Impact Initiative

  • MGMT892 - Advanced Study Project - Technological Innovation

    Corporate partners will propose a current business challenge they'd like to address; the Mack Institute will identify potential collaborators and facilitate the connection between the various parties. Guided by Wharton faculty, students selected for the program may provide the following: industry analysis, competitor analysis, general environment analysis (trends and uncertainties including political, technological, global, and sociocultural segments), and assessmentof the organization's internal strengths and weaknesses. Specific analysis willdepend on the questions the corporate partner organizations want to address. Anyone interested in the program may contact us directly at The institute's corporate partners include the following industries: automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer products, government, and professional services.