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John R Kimberly

Henry Bower Professor

Professor of Management

Professor of Entrepreneurial Management

Professor of Health Care Management/Sociology

Research Interests: health policy, institutional creation, managerial innovation, organizational change, organizational design

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  • HCMG213 - Health Care Strategy and Management: the Business of Health Care

    This course presents an overview of the business of health and how a variety of health care organizations have gained, sustained, and lost competitive advantage amidst intense competition, widespread regulation, high interdependence, and massive technological, economic, social and political changes. Specifically, we evaluate the challenges facing health care organizations using competitive analysis, identify their past responses, and explore the current strategies they are using to manage these challenges (and emerging ones) more effectively. Students will develop generalized skills in competitive analysis and the ability to apply those skills in the specialized analysis of opportunities in producer (e.g. biopharmaceutical, medical product, information technology), purchaser (e.g. insurance), and provider (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, physician) organizations and industry sectors. The course is organized around a number of readings, cases, presentations, and a required project.

    HCMG213001  ( Syllabus

  • MGMT246 - Social Innovation and Social Enterprise

    This course introduces you to the world of social enterprise, a world that is becoming increasingly important as society experiments with a variety of business and organizational models designed to provide products and services with a strong social impact mission behind them and as you and others search for ways to develop careers that have greater personal and social meaning. The organizations we will examine may be nominally "for-profit", "not-for-profit" or NGOs, but what they share is commitment both to a social impact mission and to a set of disciplined, sophisticated financial and management practices. They are led by individuals who themselves are both committed to the mission of the enterprise and who recognize the importance of demonstrably effective business models. And in the mix is the role of innovation, of developing new approaches, new models, and/or new technologies in service of better realizing the social mission.

    MGMT246001  ( Syllabus