Photo of Iwan Barankay

Iwan Barankay

Associate Professor

Research Interests: personnel economics, behavioral economics, field experiments, political economy

  • MGMT691 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

    This course examines the art and science of negotiation, with additional emphasis on conflict resolution. Students will engage in a number of simulated negotiations ranging from simple one-issue transactions to multi-party joint ventures. Through these exercises and associated readings, students explore the basic theoretical models of bargaining and have an opportunity to test and improve their negotiation skills. Cross-listed with MGMT 691/OPIM 691.

    Format: Lecture, class discussion, simulation/role play, and video demonstrations. Materials: Textbook and course pack.

    LGST806411  ( Syllabus

    LGST806412  ( Syllabus

    LGST806413  ( Syllabus

    MGMT691411  ( Syllabus

    MGMT691412  ( Syllabus

    MGMT691413  ( Syllabus

    OPIM691411  ( Syllabus

    OPIM691412  ( Syllabus

    OPIM691413  ( Syllabus