Photo of Iwan Barankay

Iwan Barankay

Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

Research Interests: personnel economics, behavioral economics, field experiments, political economy

My research focuses on monetary and non-monetary incentives to shape individual level productivity both in the workplace and as a method to improve health behavior.

New: RO1 NIH $2.3m grant for a four-year randomized control trial to study financial incentives rooted in behavioral economics and how they can shape long-lasting health habits (medication adherence).

  • Iwan Barankay (Under Revision), Rank Incentives: Evidence from a Randomized Workplace Experiment (Revise and Resubmit at Management Science).    Abstract
  • Iwan Barankay (Under Review), Rankings and Social Tournaments: Evidence from a Crowd-Sourcing Experiment.  Abstract