Photo of Eric W. Orts

Eric W. Orts

Guardsmark Professor

Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and Management

Director, Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership

Research Interests: corporate governance, environmental management, environmental law and policy, securities regulation, theories of the firm, professional ethics

Links: CV, Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership

Current research focuses on several projects:  completing a book under contract with Oxford University Press on "Rethinking the Firm," an interdisciplinary sequel to "Business Persons:  A Legal Theory of the Firm" (OUP 2013); co-editing a book under contract also with OUP on "The Moral Responsibility of Firms;"  writing a book proposal with a co-author on "Climate Contracts" that expands on an article by the same name; co-writing an article with Sarah Light "Public and Private Parallels in Environmental Law," and co-writing an article with Amy Sepinwall on "Privacy and Organizational Persons."

  • Eric W. Orts, N. Craig Smith, eds., The Moral Responsibility of Firms (2016).
  • Eric W. Orts, Kurt Deketelaere, eds., Environmental Contracts (2001).  Abstract  Related Materials