Policies for Time Reporting/Paid Time Off

Process for Time Reporting (Work Study/Student Workers)
We have developed a form that students will need to complete in full each week in order to be paid. The form requires the signature of the supervisor to verify the hours the student is submitting (i.e., no signature, no payment!). If the supervisor is not available on campus to sign the form, students may email their hours to the supervisor and then attach the supervisor’s email reply, approving the hours, to their form. Forms are available at the Front Desk and also online at this site (pdf Version).

Process for Requesting Time Off (Staff)
Requests for time-off should be completed at this website: https://timeoff.wharton.upenn.edu/WTO/. All approvals and confirmations will be done via email.

Note: Your time balances (for weekly paid staff) are available online at U@Penn under “My Benefits.”
Time Reporting Form for Staff.

Link to Penn HR site re: PTO policies for staff.

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