New Grant Proposal Process

The Office of Research Services (ORS) required that all grant proposals be submitted through a mandatory electronic proposal submission system: Penn ERA. Consequently, when planning to submit any grant proposals please include Linda Pierson in the process at least 7 days before you submit the proposal. It’s imperative that you determine how you will cover overhead charges which in some cases could be as much as 60%.

To learn more about the process, reference materials are available on the Penn ERA web site and can be accessed from the left toolbar on the main Penn ERA page at

Approval Process

The approval process set up in Penn ERA is similar to the paper submission, with a slight accommodation for Department Chairs. The points along the process follow:

  • The faculty member (the PI) or BA will upload a proposal into the Penn ERA system, and certify to its accuracy and completeness. The proposal will then be forwarded to the PI.
  • The PI will review and certify that all related significant financial interests have been disclosed, and “Participation Agreements” have been signed by all personnel proposed to work on the project.
  • The Department Chair will review and approve the project attesting to the academic purposes of the proposed project; its department compatibility. The Wharton School Comptroller will attest to the appropriateness in terms of budget, space, equipment and availability of personnel. The PennERA system will notify the Chair that the request is in process. This notification will include a link into the PennERA system. See Linda Pierson if you have any questions.

Upon receipt of the Department Chair’s approval, the Controller will review and certify the proposal and forward to Office of Research and Services.

Please note: All proposals must be received by the ORS for review three business days prior to the application deadline.

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