Guide to Staff Services


Linda Pierson

  • Administrative policy issues
  • Budgetary/financial policy issues
  • Grants administration (initiation/preparation)
  • Payroll matters (faculty)
  • Staffing/Administrative issues
  • Facilities Operations


  • Admin.¬†Helpdesk/Operations Policy Issues: Cecilia Mensah-Atoo
  • Contact information: Susan Fisher
  • Copying: Administrative Helpdesk
  • Course policies/procedures: Robin Woods
  • Course packs: Robin Woods/Kyle Jordan
  • Display case: Susan Fisher
  • Doctoral Program: Robin Woods
  • Facilities issues: Susan Fisher
  • Faxing: Administrative Helpdesk
  • Filing/Office organization: Administrative Helpdesk
  • Graders: Robin Woods
  • Grades/Change of grade: Robin Woods
  • Housekeeping issues: Susan Fisher
  • Letters of recommendation: Cecilia Mensah-Atoo
  • Library research: Administrative Helpdesk
  • Mail delivery/Express mail¬†issues: Susan Fisher
  • Mail merges: Kyle Jordan/Cecilia Mensah-Atoo
  • Keys: Susan Fisher
  • Office space (PhD): Robin Woods
  • Room scheduling (classrooms): Robin Woods/Kyle Jordan
  • Room scheduling (conference rooms): Susan Fisher
  • Security issues: Susan Fisher
  • Supplies (inventory): Susan Fisher – (See Victoria for ordering)
  • Syllabi: Robin Woods/Kyle Jordan
  • Telephone issues: Susan Fisher
  • Text processing: Kyle Jordan/Cecilia Mensah-Atoo
  • Textbooks: Robin Woods/Kyle Jordan
  • Websites: Cecilia Mensah-Atoo


  • Business Cards (Department covers initial supply): Victoria Reinhardt
  • Department notepad (first supply only) & stationery: Victoria Reinhardt
  • DARTS: Victoria Reinhardt
  • Grants administration (post set-up maintenance): Jack Collins
  • Memberships & subscriptions: Victoria Reinhardt
  • Payroll matters: Jack Collins
  • Purchasing: Victoria Reinhardt
  • Reimbursements: Victoria Reinhardt
  • Supplies (ordering): Victoria Reinhardt
  • Travel reimbursements: Victoria Reinhardt
  • Work Study Program: Jack Collins
  • See Manager, Linda Pierson, for appropriate direction in fincncial matters


Liza Law, Mike Walsh

  • Computing issues: IT Help Desk
  • E-mail issues: IT Help Desk

Management Department

The Wharton School,
University of Pennsylvania
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3620 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6370

Phone: (215) 898-7722
Fax: (215) 898-0401