Management Concentration

Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Adrian Tschoegl, 2013 SH-DH (215-898-1149)

To pursue a specialization in Management, students will take Management 101 and at least two courses from a “core” group to ensure a solid foundation in management. An additional two credit units of Management electives are also required to fulfill the specialization in Management. Management 101 is a prerequisite for all of the core courses and subsequent electives. A field application project (FAP) and/or an independent study project if sponsored by a Management faculty member can count toward the electives.

The core Management courses are:

Mgmt. 104 Human Resource Management
Mgmt. 111 Multinational Management
Mgmt. 223 Business Strategy and Policy
Mgmt. 230 Entrepreneurship (or Mgmt 235, Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
Mgmt. 238 Organizational Behavior