Management 101 Enrollment Policy


To:           Wharton Undergraduate Students

Subject:   MGMT101 Pre-registration and Enrollment

Date:       March 14, 2013

This memo details enrollment policies for MGMT101 (Introduction to Management). As the course is intended for sophomores and juniors, the majority of pre-registration seats are reserved for them. In future academic years, 23 of the 25 seats in each recitation section will be reserved for sophomore and junior pre-registration. Since there will still be a larger number of seniors who still require MGMT101 for graduation in Spring 2014, however, there will be a one-time exception to this policy in academic year 2013-14, allowing up to 6 seniors to pre-register in each recitation. Here’s what this means for you:

  1. Any rising senior still requiring MGMT101 should request it as first priority during pre-registration.
  2. Rising juniors should also seek to register for MGMT101 during junior year, as it will be more difficult to enroll subsequently as seniors.
  3. Permits are only granted in limited circumstances (see #4 and #5). Your request, including your Penn ID number, must be sent to Insure there is no time conflict with your request, as permits are not allowed by the registration system when this occurs.
  4. Permits are not granted for regular (that is, non-honors) recitations. Students seeking seats in recitations at capacity should continue checking Penn-in-touch for availability, as seats will gradually open as students drop/add. We are also unable to issue permits to facilitate recitation swaps among students (see # 6 for an additional caution on this issue).
  5. The honors section, in contrast, is by permit only. Ben Franklin and Joseph Wharton Scholars, as well as students in Huntsman, M&T, and Life Sciences and Management Programs, may request permits beginning no earlier than 8:00 AM on the first Monday of pre-registration. After pre-registration, other students may request permits to this section, which are granted at our discretion (typically for students with the equivalent of honors credentials or graduating seniors).
  6. It is critical to note that when the course is essentially full, dropping a recitation section to add a different one is risky. If the desired seat fills before the student requests it and after the student drops the former one, we are not responsible and are not able to rectify it. When this has happened in the past, we are forced to tell the student to revert to checking Penn-in-touch for new openings, even if an advisor recommended the change in the first place.

One week before the semester starts, restrictions on senior enrollment will be removed so that seniors will have the chance to enroll in any newly-vacated seats.