Organizational Effectiveness

The Organizational Effectiveness major is designed to educate students in the leading edge of theory and practice associated with the management of employees and the design of organizations. It spans topics from understanding the behavior of individuals and groups to designing management systems and structures to support business strategy. It serves students with a range of career objectives: (1) those who seek leadership positions focusing on employees in organizations; (2) those interested in consulting in the area of organizational effectiveness or management consulting more generally; and (3) those interested in balancing a more technical academic and business backgrounds with greater depth in understanding behavioral and management expertise.

Note: Courses with asterisks (*) may not be offered in 2014-2015.

Requirements for the Major

The major requires four credit units. Only one credit unit of pass/fail coursework can be counted toward the major.

  1. Organizational Effectiveness required courses (1.5 cu)

    MGMT 610  Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership (.5 cu)
    MGMT 611  Managing the Established Enterprise
    MGMT 612  Managing the Emerging Enterprise
  2. Plus 2.5 credit units of the following:
    MGMT 625  Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation and the Board (.5 cu)*
    MGMT 671  Executive Leadership
    MGMT 691  Negotiations
    MGMT 736  Inside Indian Business
    MGMT 740  Leading Effective Teams
    MGMT 751  Strategic Management of Human Assets (.5 cu)
    MGMT 772  Power & Politics in Organizations
    MGMT 773  Managing Organizational Change
    MGMT 788  Governance and Management of Chinese Firms
    MGMT 802  Innovation, Change, & Entrepreneurship (.5 cu)
    MGMT 816  Building Human Assets in Entrepreneurial Ventures (.5 cu)
    MGMT 895  Advanced Study Project in Management

Advisor: Adrian Tschoegl (telephone: 215.898.1149; email