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Minyuan Zhao
  • Associate Professor of Management

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Research Interests: emerging economies, global strategy, innovation, intellectual property rights

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Minyuan Zhao is an Associate Professor of Management at Wharton. Minyuan’s research examines the interactions between firm strategy and external environment in a global context: How emerging market institutions affect firms’ global strategies, and how firms’ strategic organization across borders shapes the global economic landscape. Her papers on multinational R&D strategies received first place in the 2003 INFORMS Dissertation Proposal Competition, the BPS Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management in 2004, and the Best Conference Paper Award at the Strategic Management Society in 2006. Her work has been published in top journals such as Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, and Journal of Economics and Management Studies.

Prior to joining Wharton, Minyuan was on the faculty of Ross School of Business (Michigan) and before that, Carlson School of Management (Minnesota). She was the recipient of the 2012 Teaching Excellence Award from the Michigan EMBA program and the 2013 Best Educator Award from the NUS-UCLA EMBA program. She also had work experience in entrepreneurship, government think tank, and the automotive industry.

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  • Minyuan Zhao and Mazhar Islam (2017), Cross-regional R&D Collaboration and Local Knowledge Spillover, Advances in Strategic Management, 36.

  • Minyuan Zhao, J. Alcacer, C. Dezso (2015), Location Choices under Strategic Interactions, Strategic Management Journal, 36 (2), pp. 197-215.

  • Minyuan Zhao and J. Alcacer (2015), Zooming In: A Practical Manual for Identifying Geographic Clusters, Strategic Management Journal.

  • Minyuan Zhao and P. Garg (Working), Shopping for the Family: How Intra-Firm Dynamics Affect Inter-Firm Knowledge Sourcing.

  • Minyuan Zhao (Working), Innovation Management and Employee Mobility: A Study of Scientist Departures Following Project Termination.

  • Minyuan Zhao (Working), Policy Complements to the Strengthening of IPRS in Developing Countries: A Firm-Level Perspective.

  • Minyuan Zhao (Working), Global Standards, Multinational Firms, and National Policies: An Interactive Perspective.

  • Minyuan Zhao and A. Hornstein (Working), Giving across Borders: Philanthropy or Business as Usual?.

  • Minyuan Zhao (Work In Progress), Internationalization of the Tangible and the Intangible: Institutional Environments and Firms’ IP Strategies.

  • Minyuan Zhao and K. Liu (Work In Progress), Intra-firm Dynamics and Intellectual Property Strategies in Multi-unit Firms.


Past Courses


    This course provides an examination of some of the largest busines firms in thePeoples Republic of China, acquainting students with the governance and management (both management structure and management teams) of some of the largest and best known Chinese firms. Students will also become acquainted withthe capabilities and liabilities of Chinese firms and their strategic options. Tools needed to assess the investment potential of Chinese firms will be provided, and students will have an opportunity to do original research on issues of governance and management of Chinese firms.


    The management of large, established enterprises creates a range of multi-facet challenges for the general manager. A general manager needs to understand the internal workings of a firm, how to assess and create a strategy, and how to take into account increasing, globalization. While these issues are distinct, they are very much intertwined. As a result, this course will provide you with an integrated view of these challenges and show you that effective of an established enterprise requires a combination of insights drawn from economics, sociology, psychology and political economy.

Awards and Honors

  • Winner, Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper, 2006
  • Finalist, Haynes Prize for Most Promising Scholars, Academy of International Business conference, 2006
  • The Glueck Best Paper Award, BPS Division of the Academy of Management, 2004
  • International Student Leadership Award, NYU, 2004
  • First Place, INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition, 2003
  • New York University President’s Service Award, 2001-2002
  • First Prize, Maximum Exposure Business Plan Competition, Stern, NYU, 2001

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Minyuan Zhao and Mazhar Islam (2017), Cross-regional R&D Collaboration and Local Knowledge Spillover, Advances in Strategic Management, 36.
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Awards and Honors

Winner, Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper 2006
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