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Eric K. Clemons

Professor of Operations and Information Management

Research Interests: information technology and business strategy, information technology and financial markets, making the decision to invest in strategic information technology ventures, managing the risk of strategic information technology implementations, risk-reward tradeoffs in outsourcing and off-shoring, strategic implications of electronic commerce for channel power and profitability

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  • OPIM613 - Managing the Productive Core of the Firm: Information and Business Transformation

    Information technology has transformed many industries, including media, financial services, and retailing, among others. These technologies ahve changed not only how we produce services (e.g., outsourcing and offshoring, and their newest extension, cloud computing) but what services we offer (virtual experiences, online advertising, long tail products and services, and social networking). The purpose of this course is to improve understanding of how information technologies enable transformation of business models within existing organizations as well as the development of completely new business models and new organizational forms. The course will serve as an introductory course on information technologies and will serve as a foundation on which students can explore more advanced technology concepts.

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