Photo of Eric K. Clemons

Eric K. Clemons

Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions

Research Interests: information technology and business strategy, information technology and financial markets, making the decision to invest in strategic information technology ventures, managing the risk of strategic information technology implementations, risk-reward tradeoffs in outsourcing and off-shoring, strategic implications of electronic commerce for channel power and profitability

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  • Eric K. Clemons, S. P. Reddi (Working), An Analysis of the Impact of Information Technology on the Organization of Economic Activity.
  • Eric K. Clemons, Paul F. Nunes (Under Review), Carrying Your Long Tail: Delighting Your Consumers and Managing Your Operations.  Abstract
  • Eric K. Clemons, Bin Gu, Michael C. Row (Working), ECommerce and eDistribution: Understanding The Role of Power When Selecting Alternatives Channel Strategies.  Abstract
  • Eric K. Clemons, Rick Spitler (Working), Information, Uncertainty, and Pricing: Profiting from Customer Preferences In a Resonance Economy.
  • Eric K. Clemons, Heinz Schimmelbusch (Working), Measuring Return on Strategic Agility: The Power of Agility when Facing Uncertainty and Strategic Ambiguity.
  • Eric K. Clemons, B. Blecherman (Working), Piloting Uncharted Rapids: Successfully Leading Information-Driven Business Transformation.
  • Eric K. Clemons, Rick Spitler (Working), The Road Map for eCommerce: Mastering the Territory, Setting Your Strategy.
  • Eric K. Clemons, Elizabeth T. Gray, jr (Working), Vendor Relationship Management: The Role of Shared History and the Value of Return on Trust.  Abstract
  • Eric K. Clemons (Working), Victory: Information Endowment, Hyper-Differentiation, And Non-Information Goods.