Photo of Anoop Menon

Anoop Menon

Assistant Professor of Management

Research Interests: strategic decision making, cognition, strategic change, game theory, innovation

Links: CV

  • Anoop Menon, Dennis Yao (Under Review), Elevating Repositioning Costs: Strategy Dynamics and Competitive Interactions in Grand Strategy.  Abstract
  • Giovanni M. Gavetti, Anoop Menon (Under Review), Conceptual Models of Strategic Foresight.  Abstract
  • Exequiel Hernandez, Anoop Menon (Under Review), Acquisitions, Node Collapse, and Network Revolution.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Anoop Menon (Working), The Emotional Impact of Prior Performance on Strategic Choice.  Abstract
  • Sen Chai, Anoop Menon (Work In Progress), A Study on the Sources of Commercializable Creativity.
  • Anoop Menon (Work In Progress), What Comes to Mind: A Neurally Inspired Model of Associative Information Processing.
  • Laura Huang, Anoop Menon (Work In Progress), Exploring the Radical Shift in Mental Models in the Aerospace Industry.
  • Anoop Menon, Haris Tabakovic (Work In Progress), Strategic Implications of Information Processing Constraints of Firms.
  • Anoop Menon, Haris Tabakovic (Work In Progress), What You Say Your Strategy Is and Why It Matters.
  • Anoop Menon, Dennis Yao (Work In Progress), Mental Models in Strategy.  Abstract
  • Anoop Menon, Dennis A. Yao, Sarah Reynolds (Work In Progress), Competition Among Non-Profits.