Photo of Anoop Menon

Anoop Menon

Assistant Professor of Management

Research Interests: strategic decision making, cognition, strategic change, game theory, innovation, machine learning

Links: CV

  • Anoop Menon (Under Review), Bringing Cognition into Value-Based Strategy: Cognitive Capabilities as Sources of Competitive Advantage.  Abstract
  • Exequiel Hernandez, Anoop Menon (2016), Acquisitions, Node Collapse, and Network Revolution, Management Science, forthcoming.    Abstract
  • Anoop Menon, Dennis Yao (2016), Elevating Repositioning Costs: Strategy Dynamics and Competitive Interactions, Strategic Management Journal, Forthcoming.  Abstract
  • Daniel Albert, Anoop Menon (Under Review), Temporal Myopia in Strategic Search.  Abstract
  • Laura Huang, Anoop Menon, Tiona Zuzul (Under Review), Watershed Moments, Cognitive Discontinuities, and Entrepreneurial Entry: The Case of New Space.  Abstract
  • Exequiel Hernandez, Anoop Menon (Working), On Network Change.  Abstract
  • Anoop Menon, Dennis Yao (Working), Rationalizing Outcomes: Mental-Model-Guided Learning in Competitive Markets.  Abstract
  • Giovanni M. Gavetti, Anoop Menon (2016), Evolution Cum Agency: Toward a Model of Strategic Foresight, Strategy Science, 1 (3), 207 - 233.  Abstract
  • Anoop Menon (2015), Managerial Overoptimism in Strategy Formulation: An Associative Explanation, Advances in Strategic Management, 32, 327 - 350.  Abstract
  • Dirk Martignoni, Anoop Menon, Nicolaj Siggelkow (2015), Consequences of Misspecified Mental Models: Contrasting Effects and the Role of Cognitive Fit, Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.  Abstract
  • Anoop Menon (Working), The Emotional Impact of Prior Performance on Strategic Choice.  Abstract
  • Anoop Menon, Dennis Yao, "Product Market Strategy". In Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, edited by David Teece, Mie Augier, (2014).
  • Anoop Menon, Giovanni M. Gavetti, Katherine Dowd, Harvard Business School Case (2011) 711-51: Charlie Merrill and the Financial Supermarket Strategy
  • Sen Chai, Anoop Menon (Work In Progress), A Study on the Sources of Commercializable Creativity.
  • Anoop Menon, Clarence Lee, Haris Tabakovic (Work In Progress), Using Deep Learning to Identify General Purpose Technologies.
  • Anoop Menon, Haris Tabakovic (Work In Progress), What You Say Your Strategy Is and Why It Matters.