Photo of Jason Jackson

Jason Jackson

Visiting Lecturer / Senior Fellow

Research Interests: international business, market and non-market strategy, political and economic sociology, comparative and international political economy, institutions and culture

  • MGMT234 - International Comparative Management: The Challenge of Diversity and Integration

    This course focuses on the comparative institutional environments in which business, government, and society interact. It provides students with a set of conceptual tools and analytical frameworks to navigate the complexities and ambiguities of the global economy. It provides an understanding of how to identify, measure and interpret the economic, social, political and cultural factors that shape regulatory policy, business strategy and market outcomes. It does so by traversing a rich empirical terrain that cuts across developing and industrialized countries, and is especially attentive to change over time. The course is deeply inter-disciplinary and brings insights from economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, geography and history.

  • MGMT875 - International Comparative Management

    This course covers how firms from the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America adapt to different countries and operate in the global economy. The complexities of a world of nation-states and trade blocs produce both opportunities and challenges to firms operating across national boundaries. Most recently, however, globalization has tended to delete national boundaries in selective ways and has created new managerial challenges. This course intends to provide the future international manager with a broad view of the factors underlying international and global business success through an understanding of the relevant comparative, cross-national differences. The emphasis will be placed on providing students with concepts, techniques, and factual knowledge useful for their careers in international and global business management.