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Address: 3025 SH-DH, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 898-6502
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Xu Han (“Henry”) is currently a Visiting Lecturer in the Management Department at the Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania and a Senior Fellow in the Wharton Global Family Alliance. Henry earned his Ph.D in Management (Strategy) from Guanghua School of Management at Peking University in 2011. His main areas of interest include corporate governance, business model, corporate entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Henry’s dissertation examines privatization and restructuring of state-owned enterprises in China. Privatization, in which the government sold their ownership to private parties, brings radical changes to the governance structure of the firms and is an important ongoing phenomenon which reshapes both Chinese firms as well as the overall economic landscape of China. Henry’s dissertation focuses specifically on the post-privatization organizational changes (e.g. CEO turnover, business portfolio restructuring) and studies the antecedents as well as the consequences of these changes after privatization.  

Besides privatization, Henry also examines the transition of the business model and organization design in established firms. He specifically studies the process through which an established firm transforms from its old business model into new business model and how such transition is facilitated or hindered by the design of its organization.



  • MGMT230 - Entrepreneurship

    MGMT 230 integrates the material introduced in business fundamental courses and applies it to the design and evaluation of new ventures. The purpose of this course is to explore the many dimensions of new venture creation and growth and to foster innovation and new business formations in independent and corporate settings. The course addresses both a theoretical perspective on venture initiation and the application of writing an actual business plan.

    In this course you are asked to get out of the habit of being a receiver of ideas, facts, concepts and techniques, and get into the habit of generating ideas, identifying problems, analyzing and evaluation alternatives, and formulating workable action plans, thus putting textbook knowledge into practice. Students will get this hands-on experience in the following ways: Through the formation and ongoing work of venture teams that will design a comprehensive business development plan for a particular start-up company. Teams are expected to utilize the tools and analytical approaches discussed in class to their venture. Through lectures and class discussions that are designed to familiarize students with the many dimensions of entrepreneurship and new venture initiation. Class format varies throughout the course: in some class sessions, there will be a lecture on specific topics; other sessions wil consist of case discussions of a particular topic or a discussion of the business concepts that students are developing; guest speakers also lead and participate in some class sessions.

  • MGMT264 - Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management

    This course focuses on venture capital management issues in the context of a high-growth potential start-up company. The course is motivated by rapid increases in both the supply of and demand for private equity over the past two decades. The topic is addressed from two distinct perspectives: issues that relate to the demand for private equity and venture capital (the entrepreneur's perspective) on the one hand, and issues that relate to the supply of capital (the investor's perspective) on the other. As well, we will address management issues that relate to how the VC and the entrepreneur work together once an investment has been made, compensation issues, and governance issues in the privately held venture capital backed company.

    Format: Case/discussion format, supplemented by lectures and guest speakers.

    Requirements: Classroom participation, written case assignments, late midterm.

    Materials: Required coursepack and supplemental recommended reading.

  • MGMT804 - Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management

    This elective half-semester course focuses on venture capital management issues in the context of the typical high-growth start-up company. The course is fundamentally pragmatic in its outlook. It will cover six principal areas relevant to the privately held high-growth start-up, these include commentary on the venture capital industry generally as well as a discussion of the typical venture fund structure and related venture capital objectives and investment strategies; common organizational issues encountered in the formation of a venture backed start-up, including issues relating to initial capitalization, intellectual property and early stage equity arrangements; valuation methodologies that form the basis of the negotiation between the the venture capitalist in anticipation of a venture investment; the challenges of fundraising, financing strategies and the importance of the business plan and the typical dynamics that play out between VC and entrepreneur; typical investment terms found in the term sheet and the dynamics of negotiation between the entrepreneur and the venture capitalist; corporate governance in the context of a privately-held, venture capital-backed start-up company and the typical dynamics that play out between VC and entrepreneur in an insider-led, "down round" financing.