Photo of Andrew Boysen

Andrew Boysen

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: strategic management, entrepreneurial strategy, strategic management & entrepreneurship, technological innovation, value-based strategy, small firms

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I am interested in strategy and entrepreneurship. My research focuses on demand and firm-side search and sense-making processes, and their effect on competitive performance and organizational learning. My dissertation work focuses on how buyer behavior defines the dimensions of differentiation and competition, how these interactions shape competitive outcomes, and how organizations translate observed market outcomes to an understanding of the underlying demand structure. Other papers look at evolutionary search processes in corporate strategy, and the effects of policy on entrepreneurial decision making. Preferred methods include computational and statistical modeling.

If you don't have my cell number and need to reach me urgently, you can call my office number. It will forward to my cell phone after 12 seconds. I do screen calls, so you may need to leave a message, for me to call you back.