Photo of Laura Huang

Laura Huang

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: entrepreneurship, investor decision making, micro-level foundations of entrepreneurship, perceptions and cues in funding decisions

  • Laura Huang (Working), On the Nature of Investor Gut Feel.
  • A.W. Brooks, Laura Huang, S.W. Kearney, F. Murray (2014), Investors Prefer Entrepreneurial Ventures Pitched by Attractive Men, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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  • Laura Huang, M. Frideger, J. Pearce (2013), Political Skill: Explaining the Effects of Nonnative Accent on Managerial Hiring and Entrepreneurial Investment Decisions, Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Katherine L. Milkman, Laura Huang, Maurice Schweitzer (Under Review), Teetering between Cooperation and Competition: How Subtle Cues Unexpectedly Derail Coopetitive Workplace Relationships.    Abstract
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