Photo of Luis Ballesteros

Luis Ballesteros

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: market and non-market strategy, political economy, disaster recovery, public goods game, stakeholder engagement and management, redistribution

Public Goods and the Firm. The Case of Corporate Philanthropic Disaster Response

As a percentage of total international aid, disaster relief coming from the business community has been increasing over the last decade and, for some events, it has been greater than the total donation from any other source, including national governments and multinational agencies together.

At the same time, corporate philanthropic disaster response remains a greatly variable phenomenon across firms and across disasters. In one line of research, I seek to identify the factors that help explain this variance and the public-policy and market consequences that the business response has.

I use a unique dataset of donations to the relief fund of natural disasters that affected different countries in the period of 2002-2013 and a panel of 2011 multinational enterprises from 61 countries.