Photo of Luis Ballesteros

Luis Ballesteros

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: decision making under uncertainty, organizational learning and knowledge management, business responses to natural disasters, competitive advantages and non-market responses, systemic risk and market strategy, private provision of collective goods

  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem (Under Review), Black Swans and the Social Value of Corporate Disaster Giving.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros (Draft), The Drivers of Corporate Philanthropic Catastrophe Response: The Community-Event-Firm Triad.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros (Under Review), Markets as Clubs: A Study of the Role of Economic Reliance in Corporate Provision of Collective Goods .  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros (Working), Lead, Follow, or Abstain: Economic Implications of Organizational Non-Market Strategy under High Uncertainty.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem (Working), Local versus Global Institutional Pressures: Organizational Imitation and Multinationality.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem, "How They Did It (Private Giving, Insurance Payouts for Recovery, Execution and Expectations". In Leadership Dispatches: Chile's Extraordinary Comeback from Disaster, edited by Michael Useem, Howard Kunreuther, (2015), 47 - 165.
  • Ballesteros, Luis, “Financing Catastrophe Relief and Recovery in Developing Countries. Are Global Financial Markets the Answer? The Case of Haiti,” The World Bank, 2010.  Description