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Luis Ballesteros

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: decision making under uncertainty, organizational learning and knowledge management, business responses to natural disasters, competitive advantages and non-market responses, systemic risk and market strategy, private provision of collective goods

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Address: 3112 SH-DH, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 746-7954
Office Fax: (215) 898-0401


I am interested in organizational decision-making under high uncertainty. And I mean the contexts of high-magnitude, low-probability shocks that disrupt the status quo in market systems, such as natural disasters. I argue that high-stake decisions that affect significantly the availability of rents and market competition often occur during these time intervals. I am also fascinated by the role of business organizations' responses in contributing to collective goods and their impact in economic redistribution.

Currently, I am focused on three lines of research: how firm-market linkages affect decision-making under high uncertainty, how organizations overcome information scarcity during such time spans, and how the characteristics of the organizational decision and the institutional context drive firm performance.

The studies associated with such lines of research investigate the role of the degree of dependency of the firm in a specific market to predict provision of collective goods (or pro-social behavior); the drivers of organizational imitation during high uncertainty; and the economic efficiency of leading versus imitating in the contexts of systemic shocks. More information on these studies can be found in Research.


  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem (Under Review), Black Swans and the Social Value of Corporate Disaster Giving.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros (Draft), The Drivers of Corporate Philanthropic Catastrophe Response: The Community-Event-Firm Triad.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros (Under Review), Markets as Clubs: A Study of the Role of Economic Reliance in Corporate Provision of Collective Goods .  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros (Working), Lead, Follow, or Abstain: Economic Implications of Organizational Non-Market Strategy under High Uncertainty.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem (Working), Local versus Global Institutional Pressures: Organizational Imitation and Multinationality.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem, "How They Did It (Private Giving, Insurance Payouts for Recovery, Execution and Expectations". In Leadership Dispatches: Chile's Extraordinary Comeback from Disaster, edited by Michael Useem, Howard Kunreuther, (2015), 47 - 165.
  • Ballesteros, Luis, “Financing Catastrophe Relief and Recovery in Developing Countries. Are Global Financial Markets the Answer? The Case of Haiti,” The World Bank, 2010.  Description

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  • It’s bad business not to donate to Nepal, The Washington Post  -  05/20/2015 Description



  • MGMT101 - Introduction To Management

    This course is an introduction to the critical management skills involved in planning, structuring, controlling and leading an organization. It provides a framework for understanding issues involved in both managing and being managed, and it will help you to be a more effective contributor to organizations that you join. We develop a "systems" view of organizations, which means that we examine organizations as part of a context, including but not limited to environment, strategy, structure, culture, tasks, people and outputs. We consider how managerial decisions made in any one of these domains affect decisions in each of the others.