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Luis Ballesteros

PhD Candidate

Research Interests: global strategy, organizational decision-making under uncertainty, organizational responses to systemic risks, strategic csr, non-market strategy, firm-performance implications of corporate philanthropy, social-welfare implications of business strategy, business provision of collective goods

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Address: 3112 SH-DH, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 746-7954
Mobile: 617-599-9046
Office Fax: (215) 898-0401


[Visit my personal website for information on and requests of the Economic Affiliation to National Markets (by Corporation) and Concentration (by Industry and National Market) databases]


The cornerstone of my research interests is strategy. I seek to understand whether, how, and the extent to which corporate engagement in the strategic provision of public goods, or CSR, explains variance in firm performance across national markets.

In my dissertation, I examine the drivers and consequences of strategic philanthropy in the aftermath of natural disasters with three lines of research:

  1. How the strength of a firm’s economic connection with a national market affects its decision to help such market in the context of disasters;
  2. How first movers’ public image, not associated with disaster giving, in combination with high uncertainty, affects stakeholder preferences of a contextually appropriate donation, creates strategic isomorphism among followers, and explains first-mover and follower advantages;
  3. How firms’ dynamic capabilities in disaster response help countries recover faster and greater than through aid from foreign national and multilateral agencies. (A study forthcoming in AMJ).

My professional endeavors prior to Wharton–at JP Morgan, the United Nations Development Program, and the World Bank–inspired and fueled this interest and my understanding of business responses to systemic risk.


Dissertation Committee:

Mauro Guillen

Witold Henisz (Chair)

Exequiel Hernandez

Uri Simonsohn (OPIM)

Michael Useem

Tyler Wry



(SRF Dissertation Scholar)


Drivers and Consequences of Non-Market Decision-making under Uncertainty:

Evidence from Global Corporate Disaster Giving


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  • Howard Kunreuther, Luis Ballesteros, "Deciding in the Context of Low-Probability Shocks: Biases, Heuristics, and Uncertainty". In Rethinking Catastrophic Risk: How Corporate America Copes with Disruption, edited by Howard Kunreuther, Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Michael Useem, (2016).
  • Luis Ballesteros, Howard Kunreuther, "Organizational Learning from Catastrophes". In Rethinking Catastrophic Risk: How Corporate America Copes with Disruption, edited by Howard Kunreuther, Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Michael Useem, (2016).
  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem, Tyler Wry (2016), Masters of disasters: An empirical analysis of how societies benefit from corporate disaster giving , Academy of Management Journal, Forthcoming.
  • Luis Ballesteros (Work In Progress), An Adaptation of the Herfindahl-Hirschman index (HHI) to Study Market Concentration at the National and International Levels.
  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem, Tyler Wry (Forthcoming), Masters of Disasters? An Empirical Evaluation of the Social Implications of Corporate Disaster Giving.    Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros (Work In Progress), Innovation and Systemic Risk: Can Exposure to Large Shocks Affect Risk Taking?.
  • Luis Ballesteros (Work In Progress), Using a Polynomial Expansion of Subsidiaries, Sales, and Employees as a Measure of Firm-Market Economic Linkages.
  • Luis Ballesteros (Under Review), Markets as Clubs: A Study of the Role of Firm-Market Economic Reliance in the Corporate Provision of Collective Goods (ACAD MANAGE PROC 2015 2015:1 19077; doi:10.5465/Best PhD Paper, SMS 2015).  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Luis Ballesteros (Working), Lead, Follow, or Abstain? Timing Advantages under High Uncertainty and Time Constraints (Best Paper SMS 2016, Nomination).  Abstract
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  • Ballesteros, Luis, “Financing Catastrophe Relief and Recovery in Developing Countries. Are Global Financial Markets the Answer? The Case of Haiti,” The World Bank, 2010.  Description

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  • "Leveraging Formal and Informal Business Partnerships for Disaster Relief", (UNOCHA; DHL) How Public Private Partnerships are Making a Difference in Humanitarian Action  -  05/30/2016   Description Related Materials
  • It’s bad business not to donate to Nepal, The Washington Post  -  05/20/2015 Description


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