Photo of Luis Ballesteros

Luis Ballesteros

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: decision making under uncertainty, organizational learning and knowledge management, business responses to natural disasters, competitive advantages and non-market responses, systemic risk and market strategy, private provision of collective goods

I am interested in organizational decision-making under high uncertainty. And I mean the contexts of high-magnitude, low-probability shocks that disrupt the status quo in market systems, such as natural disasters. I argue that high-stake decisions that affect significantly the availability of rents and market competition often occur during these time intervals. I am also fascinated by the role of business organizations' responses in contributing to collective goods and their impact in economic redistribution.

Currently, I am focused on studying on three lines of research: how firm-market linkages affect decision-making under high uncertainty, how organizations overcome information scarcity during such time spans, and how the characteristics of the organizational decision and the institutional context drive firm performance.

I have three studies associated with such lines of research. The role of the degree of dependency of the firm in a specific market to predict provision of collective goods (or pro-social behavior); the drivers of organizational imitation during high uncertainty; and the economic efficiency of leading versus imitating in the contexts of systemic shocks. More information on these studies can be found in Research.