Photo of Luis Ballesteros

Luis Ballesteros

PhD Candidate

Research Interests: global strategy, organizational decision-making under uncertainty, organizational responses to systemic risks, strategic csr, non-market strategy, firm-performance implications of corporate philanthropy, social-welfare implications of business strategy, business provision of collective goods

The cornerstone of my research interests is global strategy. I explore the drivers and consequences of organizational decision-making under risk and uncertainty by focusing on non-market strategy, and particularly strategic philanthropy.
I have analyzed these topics under the conditions of systemic shocks, such as natural disasters. I believe that non-routine high-stake choices that affect significantly the availability of rents and business performance are often made during these time intervals. Likewise, the implications of organizational choices on society at large may be exacerbated.
Currently, I am focused on three lines of research that analyze multinational enterprises' choices at the international level: how firm-market linkages affect decision-making in the aftermath of disasters, how organizations overcome information scarcity during such time spans, and how the characteristics of the organizational choice, external stakeholders' needs, and the institutional context drive firm performance and social welfare. More information on these studies can be found in my Research.



Dissertation Committee:

Mauro Guillen

Witold Henisz (Chair)

Exequiel Hernandez

Uri Simonsohn (OPIM)

Michael Useem



(SRF Dissertation Scholar)


Drivers and Consequences of Organizational Decision-making under Uncertainty:

Evidence from Global Corporate Disaster Giving