Photo of Shiva Agarwal

Shiva Agarwal

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: innovation, technology management and strategy, platforms, business ecosystem

  • Rahul Kapoor, Shiva Agarwal (Under Review), Sustaining Superior Performance in Business Ecosystems: Evidence from Application Software Developers in the iOS and Android Smartphone Ecosystems.  Abstract
  • Shiva Agarwal, Rahul Kapoor (Draft), Firm performance in a platform-based ecosystem.  Abstract
  • Shiva Agarwal (Work In Progress), How user entrepreneurs innovate and evolve in an smartphone ecosystem.
  • Shiva Agarwal, Harbir Singh, Vikas A. Aggarwal (Draft), Partnering in a haze: Interdependence mis-specification and firm performance in strategic alliances.  Abstract