Photo of Shiva Agarwal

Shiva Agarwal

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: innovation, technology management and strategy, platforms, business ecosystem

Shiva Agarwal's research is at the intersection of Technological Innovation and Strategy. Her research explores strategies pursued by firms in a business ecosystem, with an emphasis on explaining firm performance and innovation outcomes. To study these issues, she has assembled a proprietary dataset of all smartphone apps that were launched in iOS and Android ecosystems from 2008 to 2013. The key part of her dissertation is to uncover how interdependencies arising due to technical interactions among firms impacts their performance. The first chapter of her dissertation examines how the performance of the firms participating in an ecosystem is shaped by the structural and evolutionary properties of the ecosystem. She studies this by examining how the performance of app developers participating in the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphone ecosystems is impacted by the level of ecosystem complexity and uncertainty. In the second chapter, she maps the technical interaction between the complementor firms and the other elements of the ecosystem and examines its performance implications at varying levels of platform maturity.  In the third chapter, she employs a computational model to explore the implications of firms having an incorrect understanding of their task interdependencies.