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Ann Harrison

Professor of Management

Research Interests: international trade, foreign investment, and economic development

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  • Ann Harrison, Justin Yifu Lin, L. Colin Xu (Working), Explaining Africa's (Dis)Advantage.    Abstract
  • Luosha Du, Ann Harrison, Gary Jefferson (Working), The Interplay of Trade, Taxes and FDI: their Impact on Productivity in China.    Abstract
  • Phillipe Aghion, Mathias Dewatripont, Luosha Du, Ann Harrison, Patrick Legros (Working), Industrial Policy and Competition.    Abstract
  • Jing Cai, Ann Harrison (Work In Progress), The Value-Added Tax Reform Puzzle.
  • Ann Harrison, Justin Yifu Lin, Jing Cai (Work In Progress), Patterns of Trade and Tax Interventions and Firm Performance in China.
  • Mona Haddad, Ann Harrison, Catherine Hausman (Working), Decomposing the Great Trade Collapse: Products, Prices, and Quantities in the 2008-2009 Crisis.